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The BIGGEST Challenge for Every PDL Operator is Customer Acquisition.

This just in from Miro: On the payday loan, title loan, installment and line-of-credit loan frontline; The BIGGEST challenge for every lender is Customer Acquisition.  This applies whether you’re online or storefront. We’re all fighting and clawing to get a new borrower.  More importantly, we’re working to find a GOOD, well paying new customer. Continue reading

Payday-Installment-Title loan Store Marketing Ideas: 101

Marketing Ideas. By the guys who wrote the book on starting a payday loan, installment or title loan business Continue reading

Scummy PDL Marketing Tactics: Continued

If this wasn’t so EVIL, I’d be jealous! If you have a business website or are planning one, read on. Continue reading

PAIN and Small Dollar Lending

Pain! I get calls every day from lenders in PAIN! What kind of PAIN you ask? Continue reading

Payday Loan Marketing Ideas

Marketing Ideas: Who Uses Payday Loan Products. To improve your marketing and sales initiatives for your payday loan company, you must understand the customer Continue reading

Payday Loan & Title Loan Marketing Ideas

By: Team Trihouse . Simple, Cheap Payday Loan & Title Loan Marketing Ideas Yeah, yeah, I know. Continue reading